As the craft beer craze has given rise to craft distilleries, and artisan craft cocktails take over local bars, the question had to be asked: is a low quality, mass produced mixer really the best option to combine with a premium, handcrafted liquor? Surely there must be something better. Enter Blue Henn. With a passion for creative cooking and supporting local agriculture, friends Julia Brosz and Kari Madore founded the company with a mission to elevate the mixed drink experience. No more high fructose corn syrup or manufactured concentrates laced with artificial flavors. Blue Henn Artisan Cocktail Syrups are handmade with the finest ingredients with a single goal in mind: delicious, authentic taste.

Kari and Julia met in college, and for years have been enticing friends with various recipes and concoctions. With the development of their first tonic syrup, they realized they had something unique. In January 2015, Blue Henn was born. Blue, for the clear blue sky of a summer day at the lake, and Henn, short for Hennepin Avenue, the artery that links the soul of Minneapolis: Northeast, Downtown, and Uptown.

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